What can I say... writing this is literally worse than being bored stiff. 

I really like photography. Typical gear head here, and I enjoy delving into the technical aspects of photography and things related. I started in  2000, shot a lot of film (this is important snob value right here).

I started shooting some digital as of 2007, but it wasn’t until end of 2009 that digital started to get interesting for me, which was when I got my D700. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the camera itself, but rather relieved that I was shooting 36x24mm format again. DX always felt like a bad practical joke. 

For some years I was importing and selling mostly B&W film in South Africa. I loved film, and as a reseller, it was cheap for me to explore the field with no hesitation. I shot a lot of film with my Rolleiflex cameras, and really enjoyed infrared photography. I even got a Pentax 67II and a few lenses for a steal.  Digital always came second.

My interest in digital peaked again with the announcement of the D800. Megapixels, oh yeah! Pre-ordered the camera, was terribly excited, and it all came crashing. Great sensor, but a piece of shite camera. Wow. Even more disappointing than my first digital camera that couldn’t auto expose properly to save its life (D80). After the D800 ordeal, film became even more important. I was so pissed off with Nikon... you see, it’s this thing with entitlement in the modern world; manufacturers owe us something amazing. My piece of shit Rolleiflex, that was at a service centre at least twice a year, couldn’t be faulted. I loved it!

When the Leica M Monochrom was released onto the market, I knew this was the camera for me. A B&W only camera. Made by Leica, a definition of quality and pride in workmanship. What a funny joke. I went through four faulty out-the-box-new cameras in one week. Crushed, I went back to film.

So now I’m living in Namibia. No more film reseller, no more cheap film, no more fun. Kind of... While I’m incredibly stingy with my film reserves, and shooting film a lot less, I’ve finally found a digital camera that doesn’t make me resent this bottomless money pit of a hobby. The D810 is an awesome camera!

And yes, photography is now a hobby. So much more enjoyable.