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All images remain the copyright of Martin Zimelka

Zeiss Distagon T* 2.8/25 ZF.2



Downloadable jpg files:

NOTE: the comparison mouse-over images are between 1mb and 3mb each, and background loading needs to complete in order for the comparisons to work properly. Please be patient.

Close focus performance at f/2.8, with centre and off-centre crops

Medium to far distance performance at f/2.8. Various crops shown.

Close up performance at f/2.8, with crops of detail and OOF areas.

Aperture series showing vignetting, light transmission, detail and lateral CA.

CA and detail at f/8 with medium to far distance subject.

Aperture series showing vignetting, light transmission, and detail.

Landscape image at f/11 showing lateral CA; Normal and corrected.

Extreme close focus distance aperture series.

Ghosting and flare.

Field curvature.

Sample images with crops:


Performance at f/2.8 with crops.