Developing your own B&W film is not difficult, but its a process one can master and vary in many different ways.

You don’t need a darkroom!

I develop my film in the kitchen sink, and hang my film to dry in the shower. Very simple and easy.

One needs access to running water, and a place where you can spill a bit of corrosive chemicals. (just remember to clean up after yourself when you are done.)

There are different types of B&W film. C41 type films are films designed to be processed the same way as colour neg films. These cannot be processed in B&W chemistry which is what I will be covering in this article.

Here is what you need:

The hardware:

  1. Developing tank and reel

  2. Film changing bag

  3. cotton or micro-fibre gloves

  4. 1 litre measuring jug and/or

  5. 1 litre graduated cylinder

  6. 500ml measuring jug

  7. 100ml graduated cylinder (For developers such as Rodinal with a very high dilution ratio, eg. 1:50)

  8. Two 1 litre chemical safe containers with a large diameter screw top. (Try find Jobo containers at second hand camera stores.)

  9. Thermometer (mercury or electronic are recommended)

  10. Latex chemical safe gloves. (dish washing gloves have done well so far)

  11. Stopwatch or count-down timer

  12. Notebook and pen

  13. Stapler

  14. Wide masking tape

  15. Weighty and large metal office clips

For 35mm film you’ll need additional hardware:

  1. Scissor (spend the money and get a good quality, averaged sized scissor)

  2. Film picker or bottle opener

The wet stuff:

  1. Developer (example Rodinal)

  2. Fixer (example Ilford Rapid fixer or AGFA Fix-Ag )

  3. Wetting agent (recommend Rollei wetting agent)

  4. Distilled water or reverse-osmosis water (not necessary but highly recommended)

For the iphone user:

  1. The Massive Dev app. for $7,99. A brilliant, well thought out, and super stable app. I highly recommend it! LINK

STEP 1 >Developing_Step_1.html
STEP 1 >Developing_Step_1.html