Golden Eye

Tuesday, 7 June 2022 14:28

Another winter special in Swakopmund is the advent of the hot East Wind. It's usually associated negatively with strong wind, very hot weather and also dust storms. 

These winds can be pretty miserable, with temperatures reaching 45ºC and wind blasting at 40km/h or more. However, the East Wind weather can also be pretty spectacular when the conditions are either not severe or have calmed down by the late afternoon. While still hot, the strong summer vibe is a fantastic contrast to the cold wet misty winter days. 

With so much desert dust that has blown out over the ocean, by the time it’s sunset the skies can be filled with orange, red and purple hues. The image above was not edited to contrive the colours. The white balance was left for daylight, and a neutral tone curve was used. It was orange everywhere one looked. Quite spectacular.